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Y'all in Florida

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In reference to the footnote of the use of y'all in Florida - One can and should use y'all from the Georgia and Alabama state lines to the Wildwood junction of the Turnpike, or roughly, right about the latitude of Orlando. Below Orlando, one should not address strangers, period, except with a firearm. If one must speak, one should know either Spanish, German, or New Jersian.

Above the Orlando line, it is considered rude not to address strangers. One should wave to passing motorists on two lane streets (by wave a simply lift of the hand from the stearing wheel is meant, a frantic wave will cause alarm). In the supermarket or department store, one should nod or smile at others purusing the same section, and if it appears both are having a difficult time making a descion one should address the stranger, using the word y'all such as follows: Y'all think of having a cook-out? I hear the ribs are on sale."

In the northern part of Florida, which is actually the southern part of Georgia, one working in an establishment should always address a leaving patron with "Y'all come back now you hear?" To which the leaving person should respond with "Y'all have a nice day."

Lastly be forwarned that the phrase "y'all suck" is a translation of the common insult that can be abbreviated as F.U. and should only be used when throughouly neccesary.

Y'all in Florida

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hmmmm... i really found this post informative... i like the boundaries set forth for the actual state of florida... smiley - smiley

Y'all in Florida

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There happen to be certain small hamlets in Southern Florida where the word "y'all" is still commonly used. Mostly centered around Lake Okeechobee, citizens of these towns refuse to give in to their "Yankee-fied" neighbors and hold on to every Southern custom that they can.

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