A Conversation for Transportation in the Netherlands

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First my compliments for your article, packed with usefull facts.

1. Three kinds of trains:
In The Netherlands there are three kinds of national trains. One is called an Intercity. This train only stops in the 50 biggest cities in The Netherlands, and is the fastest way to travel as the train only stops every 15 minutes to half an hour. The second kind is the sneltrein. It stops at all the intercity stations and in a lott of big cities. It skips the smallest stations.
The last train is a Stoptrein. This train stops at every single station it goes through. If possible, these trains should be avoided as they are invariably slower. A train ticket is valid on all trains and is not limited to one kind or the other.

2. Valid or not
Normal train tickets are not valid on most international trains (like ICE or Thalys).

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Two Remarks

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