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Keeping Rats

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Rats should NOT be kept on either woodshavings, or sawdust as both can cause serious repsiratory problems. Also, rats can be cheap to look after, BUT they do suffer from quite a few mild to serious illnesses, such as tumours (especially in females) and Mycoplasmosis, which all domestic rats have and some can go all their lives without, or with only mild symptoms (sneezing etc.. But others can suffer very badly and will need regular veterinary care i.e antibiotics to keep the symptoms under control. So, keeping rat may not necessarily be cheap, also they are quite high maintenance animals and you cannot just leave them to it, like you can with hamsters. They need to have some time out of the cage (at least an hour) every day and they need quite a special diet to keep them at their optimum health.

If you are considering getting a pair, or more of rats, then you should visit this site: www.fancyrats.co.uk, where you will find plenty of friendly advice! smiley - smiley

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Keeping Rats

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