A Conversation for Depression and College Students

Congratulations on this fine entry!

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Hi Inanna - I read this entry quite a long time ago, it is a very important subject, well written, and I want to congratulate you and express the hope that many people will read and talk about this!

Congratulations on this fine entry!

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Metal Chicken

I agree, an important entry, although much of your advise applies equally to non-students suffering from depression. One of the biggest obstacles to people getting help is admitting they've got a problem, given the social stigma that unfortunately still attaches to mental health issues. Many people attempt to maintain a daily facade of going about their normal business, terrified that people will notice, and then sink into the deepest, blackest moods when back in the security of their own home. This understandable behaviour puts enormous pressure on family relationships and in the longer term does no favours for the depressed individual. As you say, the best thing for partners and friends to do is to listen, support and encourage the sufferer to acknowledge their illness and seek help.

Congratulations on this fine entry!

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Inanna has a theory - it could be bunnies.

You're right - a lot of the information here /is/ very general, and applicable to anyone who is depressed.

The college slant on it comes basically because it's a rehash of an article I wrote for our university magazine, and I didn't have the time or energy to rewrite the whole beginning, and the premise of it all before submitting smiley - biggrin .

Thanks for the good feedback. I appreciate it.

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