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good idea if u can handle it

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I am quite impressed that finally this has a better word or phrasing than simply 'open relationship'. I know a couple who have been together for 23 years and sleep with other people. They are the happiest couple I think I know and they are honest to the point of blunt about it.

The thing with it is though, you need to be sure that everyone in the relationship (i.e. the couple in this case) is happy with what is happening and that everyone else (i.e. the one night standees) knows the score as well. The last thing anyone in the couple wants is for someone to get overly intense with either person, and these relationships never work with jealous people!

I think that this is a good thing...There is a hell of a difference between a Lust Life and a Love Life, and different people in our lives contribute different things. It's also vvv handy when you don't want a boyfriend or a stranger on a one night stand but your friend is capable of helping you out!

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good idea if u can handle it

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