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Brandy Bottle (1+7+8+0!+0!+4! = 42)

They say we learn something new every day, and today I learned about the Ogham alphabet!
It definitely doesn't seem too complicated - maybe Microsoft should add this alphabet to Word

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star of taliesin

failte Brandy,

Although Ogham "seems" to be easy and a rather primitive way of communicating, I can assure everybody that to get to know the "real" meaning of the Ogham it takes a very profound study and a lot of time.
traditionally the Ogham-script is used by those who follow the path of the Druid in Paganism. The study of Ogham, as so many other things in the Ancient Ways, asks a complete involvement of the student.
I would suggest in this context "The Book of Druidry" by the late Ross Nichols, for many a year the Chief-elect of the Order of Druids. he had achieved a "grasp" of the Ogham most people can only dream of.

As for your suggestion on having Ogham available for Windows...it is. There is a site by where you can download the font. if however you wnat to use it within conversations with others, they obviously have to download it aswell.

In most cases the Beth-Luis-Niun-version is used.

Hope to have been of help.

Brightest Blessings /|Star*

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Gnomon - time to move on

Although the meaning of most ancient Ogham inscriptions is not 100% clear, they appear to have been merely recording the names of people. There was no mystical element to them at all.

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star of taliesin


I am curious...:where did you get the knowledge you have on Ogham? I am not doubting for one minute that you did some research on the subject and it is nice to see some one showing interest.

As said: Ogham is a tree-alphabet and therefor closely connected to trees. In order to really understand and work with Ogham, one can not help but understand and work with trees as well; this has always been a part of the Druidic studies. Wither one wants to call it "mythology",*mysticism* or anything else, will not alter the facts.

My point is that if you are not willing to learn more about Ogham, are not willing to get deeper involved with this script, all you will have is "just" another (more or less) *secret code* you can use to exchange messages with others...nothing more,nothing less.

Walk in Light /|Star*

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Hail, and Well Met.
Uhm, I realise that Beth-Luoise-Nion, and Beth-Louise-Fern, are purely Celtic in origin. Yet, I do see some similiarity between them and Runes (ie the Elder Futhark, The lesser used Younger Futhorc, and the almost unknown Symbol Runes). To Study any ancient form of writing in its entirity, one cannot disassociate mysticism. Yes, they are called after names, deities, and primal powers, and ironically enough trees. Generally speaking, be it hieroglyphics (The pictoral language of the ancient Egyptians), Runes (The ancient language of the Germanic and Scandinavian people), Kyrillic (The ancient Greek language, which happens to be the basis for modern written Russian, and Greek), one must learn to understand the environment in which it developed. In the ancient world most Scholars were priests, and thier symbols clearly reflect thier world. Anyone who has played the "A is for apple" alphabet game knows this, and may need some reminding.
The word "Rune" Literally means secret. Each Rune is attributed with a name, a letter, a word, and a meaning, which is to say a concept. THen when the "Runes" or "secrets" are read together, it changes the actual picture being discribed. The divination methods associated with runes, (Mysticism) and magical system, again reflects the concepts given.
I find it extremely hard to believe that a group of people Living in one of the harshest possible environments developed this system of writing and mysticism, and theology, while another group living in a gentler environment only developed a kind of "Secret Code". It is my opinion that those of the gentler climate had actually more time to indulge in Philosophy, education, and mystical pursuits. It is a known fact that Celts were far more eloquent and had developed an intellectual theology. Look to the trees and the names of the Ogham or Runes, or whatever, then find out what exactly that word, name, meaning and concept meant to the people who developed it, and then, maybe, if your lucky, you might begin to understand the thoughts of the ancient ones.
Hope I have helped,
-Be Well,

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Greetings Friends,,

I think I will join this fray and add my two cents. From the "Leabhor na h 'undire" it is said that "Ogma",(father of the ogham) took from the Formorian King Tethra, a sword that had the gift of the illumination of speech. Futher it is mentioned that this sword would turn against the holder if false speech was uttered.
This would seem an enormous responsibilty to just place names on grave stones or to write a simple secret code.
What has the sword to do with anything? All through Celtic mythology the sword (including Excalibur) almost always stands for the Light of Truth. Besides the two weapons favored in war by the Celts in Ireland were the spear and the pike, not the sword which was rather short. What engenders wisdom more than Truth? What slays false speech more quickly than Truth?
There is much more to Ogham than mere names and codes. Within it lies the wisdom of truth for those who seek it.

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