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Fish Knives are *so* common . . . ;-)

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Talith (who got bored of being Caroo and thought new h2g2, new name)

Anyone with any table manners knows that they are a middle class Victorian invention. If you're eating fish in polite company you should use two forks. Much neater actually smiley - winkeye


Fish Knives are *so* common . . . ;-)

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Hugo the Fish

Well, you shouldn't eat fish at all!!! smiley - grr

smiley - winkeye
smiley - fish

Fish Knives are *so* common . . . ;-)

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

The best tasting fish (and chips) come wrapped in paper. You buy them from takeaway joints. Rip open the top of the parcel and dig in using Gods utensils - your fingers smiley - bigeyes

Fish Knives are *so* common . . . ;-)

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My nan has always insisted that when we eat fish round her house we use fish knifes and forks. She has separate utensils entirely for fish as she thinks it stains the cutlery/flatware or makes it smell or something. I don't know, I'm with Loonytunes, fish and chips eaten with fingers from paper, preferably in the open air.

Fish Knives are *so* common . . . ;-)

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Uncle Ghengis

The best fish and chips are best nicked or borrowed from someone else's newspaper - and yes - in the open air.

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