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Hand driers just aren't the same

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I spend a fair bit of time walking round with wet hands. That's because they don't let me use towels any more! Not even paper ones. I think bringing back towels in general is a good thing and I think that people would wash a bit more if they could dry properly. Have you ever been in a loo at a concert of pub when there are so many people waiting for the hand dryer that they block access to the sinks so you end up leaving with unwashed hands?

So my suggestion is a wicked one. We print thousands of stickers to go on hand driers that say "Bring back the towel"

Well if we got 1 in 42 it would be noticed, wouldn't it?

Hand driers just aren't the same

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I have missed this and am depressed at the thought. But in my befuddled brain another thought has developed and it might not be well recived by DNA fans but I have just realised a date in Mr pratchetts book "Nightwatch" and he cited the 25th og May as a special day. Some fans have rivalries but it is good to know that one author respects and commemerates another. T could be wrong of course but please don't shatter my illusion too harshly.smiley - ale

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Hand driers just aren't the same

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