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The First Towel Day

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A note from the h2g2 Editors:
Towel Day is now a worldwide holiday, where thousands of like-minded fans come together to celebrate the life and works of Douglas Adams. But this wasn't always the case. This entry, from 2001, stands as a reminder that Towel Day is as much a testament to the work of Douglas' fans as it is to the man himself.

Towel Day, Its Time Has Come

A new holiday has been proposed to celebrate the life and accomplishments of Mr Douglas N Adams. This holiday is Towel Day. Further information can be found on the Towel Org website

As members of the Guide, however, I propose that we take it one step further. My suggestion is that we make this an annual observance. On the last Friday of every May1, let us go forth with our towels and spread the word of 42.

Additionally, it has been suggested that Towel Day mark a day for meets for h2g2 members. A towel picture contest has also been proposed, along with convincing local pub and bar owners to create a PGGB2 in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties.

In this way, we can keep DNA's dream alive and well for future generations - as well as those members of current generations who haven't yet read THHGTG.

Towel Day Observances

Beyond the carrying of the towel, are there any remembrances that you would like to see included in the celebration3, please let me know. Also, if there is anything that you think should be changed about Towel Day, post it below.

Towel Day is a day for everyone. If you do have any suggestions, comments, concerns, etc, let me know and I will make the appropriate changes to this article. Thank you.

In Addition to Towel Day

Peta is also organizing a memorial for DNA. To share ideas, please click here.

1Starting May 25th, as proposed by the author of the article referenced above.2Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster3Such as readings of DNA's material, strange face paint, the appearance of the friendly words "Don't Panic" on the Empire State Building, etc

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