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I am a strong believer in the supernatural and believe there is something to this phenomenon.
Too many countries have the same stories to tell and people in these countries have experienced the same occurances, and this goes back to ancient times and can be traced through stories of each community.
The place near to where I live does have a haunted church.
I attend this church and the experience I had leaves me to no doubt there is something out there that can not be explained.
The Worksop Priory has been in existance since 1103 and has seen all manner of happenings.
One night I was in the Priory on my own, the day was Maundy Thursday i.e. the Thursday before Easter.
It was a vigil that we had that was supposed to imitate the watching of the faithful up to the time of Christ's crucifixion.
In this time, and this is important, the church is a basic shell with no flowers around. It is the process of mourning for christ's death before his ressurection.
The church has old gratings in the floor and as you walk over them they make a click clunk sound.
It was about 3 in the morning and as I was at my prayers I heard the gratings start to click clunk.
Not knowing if anyone else was in the church I grabbed the torch I had and went into the church to see if I could see anyone.
The only door unlocked was the door behind the Lady Chapel and I had not heard this open BUT then again I did not know if the main door had been left unlocked.
I proceeded down the church and checked all the doors and sure enough all doors were locked.
As I went back to the Lady Chapel I heard the gratings click clunk a couple of times and I spun round and shined the torch in the direction of the sound, as I did this the gratings clicked.
I waited for a while waiting for the gratings to clunk, this did not happen.
I walked down the main nave of the church trying to see anything but saw nothing but as I approached the font I could smell what I could only describe as roses and the smell was getting sronger.
I backed away to the main altar and the smell faded for a while.
Then all of a sudden the smell started to increase as though the smell was approaching me, all of a sudden it seemed to be all around me then it just disappeared.
This obviously left me quite shakened.
Next morning when the vicar arrived to take over from me I told him what had happened and he just smiled, I told him that I could still smell the roses on my clothing and he smelled them to but again he only smiled.
I asked him what was so funny to which he said "You've heard it and smelled it to. But then again what is there to worry about, in the end this is the house of God and nothing here can harm you"
This did not exactly calm my fears.
In the end can anyone explain to me what I heard, smelled and why for the rest of the day my cloths smelled of roses when no roses around the area were in bloom?

Worksop Priory

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DA ; Simply Vicky: Don't get pithy with me!

I have many times heard of ghosts manifesting themselves as scents... Or it may have been an smiley - angel! Who knows?

Worksop Priory

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Most ghosts smell of Frangipangi flowers, others like rotting flesh. These are probably because they were buried with such conditions. You say this one smells like roses? Might be an Angel smiley - angel. Or it might be a guardian spirit of the church. smiley - star

Worksop Priory

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It's just the monks, a milkman used to see them regulary going to early morning prayers on his early morning rounds.

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