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Not drowning but waving

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smiley - nahnah
Great entry Rhynch! smiley - biggrin

I shall certainly bear all the good advice in mind should I ever travel to Oz.

Pimms smiley - ok

Not drowning but waving

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Lord Wolfden - Howl with Pride

Well done very informative

Not drowning but waving

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aka Bel - A87832164

Very informative and well written smiley - applause

Not drowning but waving

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Nice article.

Since you brought up the drowning statistics, I'd like to throw a couple zingers back at you. (These are from a Prehospital (paramedic) textbook and are probably a decade old):

Of all the annual drownings in the United States of America...

1 percent occur in saltwater (all the surrounding ocean?!!?)

4 percent occur in toilets!!!

I don't know about the other 95 percent. I collapsed in laughter at that point and couldn't properly read the material through my tears.

If you want a proper reference for those statistics, ask me and I'll dig it up. I think I loaned the textbook to my brother in law.

I think it was Benjamin Disraeli who said, "There are three kinds of lies. Lies, Damn lies and statistics!"

smiley - cheers

Not drowning but waving

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Keith Miller yes that Keith Miller

Firstly let say thank you to h2g2 for giving me the opportunity to write this and for all the help I received leading upto and during its making. Thank you Wolf, B'elana,Pimms + Rumbleghost for noticing it.

Yes you are correct with your quote, and i have actually heard or read this before beleive it or not! Ha-Haaaa. Damned Americans! Not content with mere drownings in swimmable(?) bodies of water,no, they have to work out how to to die in a toilet,where Death by Drowning will be writ on the certificate! Ha-Haaaaaaaa again I say!

Thanks once again for the kind words, it is nice to know that on a site as huge as this, that some people do take the time to seek things out and display a degree of civility not always shown.
smiley - cheers+smiley - magic

Not drowning but waving

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aka Bel - A87832164

I'm always civil smiley - erm
I don't read and comment on as many Guide Entries as I would want to, for various reasons. I know I should comment more in Peer Review, to support people who go through the pains of writing a Guide Entry - but I hardly ever do, shame on me. smiley - sadface
Rhynnch, I think the fact that not many people comment is not that they don't read and enjoy your entry, but that they -like me- don't comment too often. I mean, there wasn't really anything I contributed to your entry, and it's a bit odd to just say : bravo, well done, so I don't do that very often. smiley - erm
I'm glad I did here though, seeing it meant something to you smiley - ok

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