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Having just been in Dublin for a few days, I thought I'd add my thoughts.

Roads - now, I didn't find the traffic too bad, but then again, I do come from Birmingham, so that may be relative. What I did find annoying were the road signs. You could grab a map and work out where you wanted to go, but once you are out on the road you find no-right-turn signs, or no-left-turn signs, or no-straight-on signs at precisely the points where you don't want them to be. If you don't know your way around already, then it's really difficult to find the place you want to go to. And if you haven't got a good sense of direction, then it may be well nigh impossible.

Spar shops - Dublin is infested with Spar shops. In England they only usually appear in outlying suburbs and villages. Very few and far between. But they seem to be all over Dublin. I'm sure I must have counted about 20 in Dublin, mainly from the car, but quite a few in the city centre. There was one street corner in the city centre from which I could see three distinct Spar shops. That seems a bit much.


Observations from someone travelling through

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Gnomon - time to move on

I agree with all that!

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Observations from someone travelling through

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