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Meles Atrus

Absolutely brilliant. Well researched. Top marks. But, (assuming you are a native of dublin, or live there)you left out one of the most important factors of our fair city- knackers. These are smelly, undereducated,ugly people(also referred to as "scangers" "tinkers" "scumbags" and "the great unwashed").
Every Dubliner has encountered them. Assuming your article was intended as a tourist guide to dublin, this has to be said.
Tourists, BE CAREFUL.
Knackers travel in groups of three or more. Their ages range from 4 to 25ish. No matter what their age is, they are dangerous.
The males have shaved haids, with just the fringe left. They wear tight jeans, shiny knock-off tracksuits, and as much gold jewellery as they can get(especially sovereign rings). They have monosyllabic names such as NOH(noel) or names that end in -O e.g DECO or ANTO, or names that end in -EE such as PHRANSEE (francis).
The females are less dangerous, unless you offend them.
They shout and spit at each other. Do Not approach or look at them. And if you ever ger "Started On" (squared up to for a fight) just run.
There you have it, a warning from a Dubliner. Be Careful.
Thankfully, the knackers stay in their own areas, so most of dublin is safe.
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I wonder I wonder that noone has replied to this at all. It is true that there are unpleasant people around (and not only in Dublin) and that you might have unpleasant experiences with them.
However, to warn tourists about them...I think we can trust tourists with a little brightness as well. Mostly they won't even wander off to where those unfortunate people are made to dwell.
I travelled to Dublin, I lived in Dublin (in not so pleasant areas), but nothing ever happened to me.
Some of those people you refer to might choose their lifestyle themselves, others, however, have no choice but to live like this. Unfortunately the economic boom did not rub off on all people. Instead of avoiding them and giving out about them (and shoving them out into the outskirts where no tourist will see them), would it not be a good idea to help them?
Just thinking.

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Gnomon - time to move on

Thanks for your comments, Dublinia!

I think this was so off the wall, I just didn't bother to answer it.

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Gnomon - time to move on

By the way, if you create a personal space for yourself, even with nothing on it, then the ACEs will be able to give you a personal welcome to h2g2.

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The sea, oh the Sea.... as the old song goes.

Dublin is one of the best cities I know because of the wonderful coastline. Photographers, botanists, boating experts, geologists, fishing buffs... an endless stream of people go there every day of the year.

It must be one of the easiest cities on the Planet in which to garden thanks to thhe temperate climate and good rainfall levels.

Thanks for a very interesting article.


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