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My mum once mentioned to me some study that she saw proving that true bisexuality is scientifically impossible. It was something about people's brains and chemicals and all.
I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about this or knows where I can get further information.


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I'm not sure for males, but I've just finished a book called "The Female Brain" by a reputable neuroendocrinologist out of UCLA. She claims in the "Brain and Sexual Orientation" appendix that females in utero are significantly affected by exposure to testosterone within the initial eight weeks of development. Depending on the concentration and duration of exposure female brains take on physiological and developmental attributes of male brains, essentially causing mental shifts along a spectrum of insignificant to completely masculine in their results. What she claims this to be is proof that females can be attracted to other females along a continuum of slightly curious to completely lesbian.

Hope it helps, peace.


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Well... I am bisexual and I often find that I fancy women more one month and men more the next...could I have one gay and one straight ovary or something??!

Having said this, I know that when I find the right person I will stick with them and I would never ever cheat - its not in my moral makeup.

At the moment I'm with a man and very happy about it all the monthssmiley - biggrin.


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Adam Whyte

You're mum is mistaken. There was a pseudo-study that claimed to find that people only responded to one type of porn (either straight or gay). Here's a fairly comprehensive refutation of said study: http://main.bisexual.com/forum/showthread.php?s=a85968fd83f37ade1722f5238636130b&t=3799

Not that it's really necessary; the study was always clearly meaningless. There are theories about why people are gay and straight but nothing remotely conclusive. Besides you cannot look at sexuality as an entirely in-built thing; such thinking is repressive and demonstratably misleading. We can say with some certainty I think that sexuality is affected and perhaps shaped by external factors. I can say with total certainty that I am and pretty much always have been attracted to both male and female people. I've enjoyed sexual relationships with both. I'm not alone; there aren't just lots of bi people (most of them however are not out, I would suggest), there are bi animals too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bisexuality#Bisexuality_in_the_animal_kingdom

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