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Reading that article bought back memories of playing noughts and crosses when I was youngster. It could be played just about anywhere and invariably was. Funny but i saw the film `war games` but never associated it with the pastime game. I seem to remeber that we alternated the game of noughts and crosses with that of `snobs`.


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Martin Harper



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Yes Snobs. Played with 5 x 1/2" cubes although 5 small stones/pebbles etc. would do just as well. The 5 cubes are held in the palm of the hand approx. 6" from the playing surface. They are then tossed into the air, (gently) while airborne the player turns over his/her hand and catches as many as possible on the back of the hand. Any not caught must be picked up while the caught ones are again airborne. etc. etc. etc. Objective is to have all five in the hand in the shortest number of throws. I seemed to remember that i was very good at catching all five so i had a go, pleased to say that i have not lost my touch.


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Hi Yorky,
Have you heard of a domino game referred to, in England, in the '40's or 50's, as "balaclava"? Some distant relatives of mine, in the Yorkshire area, supposedly played it. I would like to know the rules. I can't find anything on the internet so far.

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