A Conversation for Football Terrace Songs and Chants


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There is one song that is heard from time to time when police or stewards try to eject a fan from the ground. The interesting thing about it is that usually both sets of fans (assuming the other lot can see what's going on) join in.

[To the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down]

Harry Roberts is our friend
Is our friend
Is our friend
Harry Roberts is our friend
He kills coppers

Harry Roberts being a small time crook who shot dead three policemen back in 1966, when they stopped and wanted to search the van that he and his two accomplices were travelling in. Apparently Harry and his colleagues, who had been driving around the Wormwood Scrubs area, had been looking to steal a car.

The police stopped them because they were acting suspiciously. There had been a number of attempted breakouts from the prison in the previous few weeks, and the police thought that this could be another one in the offing.

Harry is still in prison to this day, and is believed to be one of the twenty or so prisoners currently seving life sentences in jail who will never be released.


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Saints 76

I have heard (years ago).

All coppers are B ig tall men in helmets!

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