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Er, not quite that bad

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I've lived in Calgary for nearly twenty years now and I've seen The Palace transition from theatre to abandoned building to nightclub. I can tell you one thing: It's not that bad.

What the writer has described here pretty much describes any bar in Calgary. Loud music, dirty floors sticky with spilt drinks, and crowds are all what a nightclub is about. If you don't like the conditions then don't go clubbing, it's as simple as that.

As for the stabbings... this is also greatly exaggerated. Calgary has one of the lowest crime rates for a city of its size. The newspapers will, naturally, focus on any violent incident precisely because of this. When there's little news to report then the news you do report has to be 'expanded' to fill the necessary ad revenue generating space.

I've been to The Palace a number of times. Yes, it's crowded. But do you know why? Because the people there are having a good time. If they weren't, they wouldn't be there. Perhaps the reviewer would prefer a club that's a little less exciting? Like, say, Schanks?

Er, not quite that bad

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Jay Dawg

The Palace is the most disgusting hole in the ground this city has ever seen! The fact that some of the skeeziest, chino-mo's in town frequent the place is only more reason to stay away. Keep away!
Stick to the Ship, or the Drum, and you'll do just fine.
Take it from a guy who's seen everything there is to see in Calgary -
the Palace is simply Cowboy's with a marquee.

Er, not quite that bad

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The Palace is a nightclub (as is Cowboy's) while the Ship and Anchor is a pub. What you're saying is: you prefere pubs to nightclubs. Just as I might say I prefer oranges to apples.

I like nightclubs, and The Palace is far from the worst. I also love pubs, and The Ship and Anchor, good as it is, is far from the best.

Different strokes for different folks, and all that.

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Er, not quite that bad

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