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Thanks for the potted history. It is the double act which makes the commentary unique. The Brits have a history of this: see Morecambe and Wise et al. Much of what murray says is highlighted by the often droll corrections by Brundle.

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I couldn't agree more, although I think the partnership of Murray and James Hunt was even better. Murray will be a great loss to F1, as he is probably the only person on the planet who can make a sometimes boring race, sound positively rivetting.

Another great partnership, (now sadly defunct), was Keith Heuwen and Julian Ryder, who used to commentate on motorcycle GP's, then later World Superbikes. Memories of Heuwen screaming, "Come on Foggy", in the closing laps of Carl Fogarty's first WSB championship win, was probably the best bit of impartial commentating for ages !!!!

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great name....as for the answer, i don't know what you look like so i can't say if you GAF

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The current pair who are commentating the MotoGP's aren't bad. They keep to the point during the races but then can come up with some of the most random stuff i've ever heard during practice. smiley - smiley Toby Mody and Jules ?

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I was worried when I heard those two were teaming up. I didn't think two 'Anoraks' would work at all in the same commentary box, but they have proved otherwise. I can remember Toby Moody, being terrible when he first started with Eurosport, but he's a lot better now.

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