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Researcher 194653

You failed to mention that Pa is home of America's Oldest Brewery...Yeungling....in my home town of Pottsville.

You also failed to mention that Mahanoy City was home of the inventor of Cable Television. From his little "Service Electric" electronics repair shop, the founder who's name eludes me at the moment, ran the first co-ax cable wire from his shop to the top of a mountain to an antenna so he and his local customers could view television stations from as far away as California. When word got out, he started running wires to local homes for a one time fee of what I remember to be around $100. So started "Service Electric Cable" How bout $100 cable for life??? Yeah right...I wonder if those people still get that deal?

So sue me...I'm from Schuylkill county...I didn't see anything in there about it and it got me a little proud....Please add this information...but I suggest verification of some of the more finer facts...

Thanks for the opportunity to throw in my two cents....Chris...Ashley Pa

More Pennsylvania facts

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Jimi X

Hi Chris and welcome to the Guide!

I've been meaning to do an entry on Yeungling for ages. Just never got around to it I guess.

I know they do a brilliant brewery tour. Perhaps you'd like to do a write-up since you're right there?

One thing about Yeungling's claim - is it the oldest brewery in the US or in North America (I can never remember that). And I've quaffed a few lagers, Lord Chets, stouts and ales so I really should know the answer. smiley - winkeye

Anyway, thanks for the read. I'll look into the cable television thingie. I've heard that, but I wasn't sure about the exact details. I seem to recall that they couldn't get a television signal into their area due to mountains or something so they brought it in via cable. I should have some free time in a few weeks to check it out!

And don't appologize for being proud of Schuylkill County - it's a beautiful part of the state. smiley - ok

That's one of the things I love about the Guide - everybody can contribute! Hopefully, you'll be able to bang out a Yeungling for us.

smiley - cheers

- Jimi X

More Pennsylvania facts - LUMBER & TREES

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Jimi X

Trees rank as Pennsylvania's most valuable resource ahead of coal. Some of the finest hardwoods grow in the state and lumber valued at $4 billion is delivered to market each year - roughly 1 billion feet of lumber.

When the first settlers arrived 99.8 percent of Pennsylvania's 28,692,480 acres was covered with trees. Today, the state has 16.5 million acres of forest - about 57 percent of its total area

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