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An official state fossil???!!!!!

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Future World Dictator (13)

Is there a day for it? Small Water Mammal Day, perhaps? Who thinks these things up?

I can just imagine the Pennsylvania Assembly (or Senate, whatever you call them) sitting down and soberly discussing the relative merits of small water mammals etc as suitable state fossils!

And you'd have thought they'd have found more intersting fossils in an area bigger than Belgium.

An official state fossil???!!!!!

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Jimi X


They're not one of the highest-paid Legislatures in America for nothing you know... smiley - winkeye

An official state fossil???!!!!!

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Researcher 213029

As a matter of history and memory, one should not forget that the only piece of legislation to come out of the 1968 Harrisburg legislative session was to make the Great Dane the official state dog.

Do not underestimate the political forces at work in the Commonwealth.

An official state fossil???!!!!!

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Jimi X

smiley - laugh

You can't make stuff like this up folks!

smiley - cheers

- X

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