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I want one!

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clzoomer- a bit woobly

And I want one of the other cameras used by the *spies* in films. Did Minox make the *slide open, take a shot, slide closed* camera we see so often in old films?
The site seems to show only miniature versions of the old 35mm cameras. The one I mean was like the chocolate bar that you describe. Are there sites that show those?

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I want one!

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a girl called Ben

Those are exactly the cameras I was talking about. They are fabulouso, and great fun. Dunno about sites. It is well over two years, in fact almost three, since I wrote the entry, so there may be more sites now. Or fewer.

On a different subject. I am sorry the sub butchered your final paragraph of First Kiss. I tried twice to get it changed back, but, alas, no go. smiley - grr

Hey ho.

Thanks for liking the Minox entry.

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I want one!

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clzoomer- a bit woobly


Seems like they are going for less on eBay, but then the bids aren't done yet.

Thanks for the offer, I will think about it.

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I want one!

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One of the best places is in fact eBay, this is where I have managed to get all but two of mine. A word of warning though, although I have found most sellers are great, some however are not so! The Minox BL I managed to get though described as “with light scratches” turned out to be very scratched and had dents on the end! It does however prove to be mechanically sound and takes great pictures! Minox B cameras can be bought for about £135.00 and be very good! This seems to be about the average price on eBay for a good one, there were so many of this model made so they are reasonably plentiful. so if you miss one, just wait and another will be posted for sale which may be in your price range.

Minox EC cameras sometimes go for really silly prices, about £60.00 or less! (Where they are probably worth about £80-£90). Though they are made of plastic, and have a fixed focus lens f5.6 not f3.5 of the metal type, and are fully automatic they also take very good pictures. A cheap way to start with Minox!?

You could however do worse than get your self a Minox model C if you want an automatic traditional Minox. Watch out for corroded battery contacts though.

Most models came in black as well as the traditional silver colour, these tend to go for premium prices though!

Film can be had on Jessops online, about £5.00 to £6.00 for 36exp (colour). B&W can also be purchased. I get my developing done at Minox lab in New York. I know it seems a long way to send my film but it works out less expensive to send then there than an APS costs for 24exp one hour processing at a local lab. You can have to wait anything from a week to six weeks! All depends on the time of the year.

Minox lab URL:


Lastly go to the URL: http://minox.org for more, (good), information on Minox cameras. This is the web site for the 'MINOX HISTORICAL SOCIETY'. At this point I should point out I am a member of this organisation, I have to add however it is a non profit making one, we are trying to keep the interest of Walter Zapp’s invention alive by using them and by discussing them.

I seem to have gone on a bit, sorry. I do hope this posting helps some of you to find out about a camera I own and love.


I want one!

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Mrs Zen

I find it very pleasing that the first entry I ever wrote here is still sparking conversations.

Good luck with the quest.


I want one!

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Minox cameras have fallen in value on Ebay and even good un-marked Minox BL sell for under 300GBP where as last year they were over 700USD.

Minox cameras are still made and some discontinued models still in stock. A Minox ECX is 65GBP+VAT, an EC Exclusive set (with 8x11 flash) 135GBP+VAT, TLX at 415GBP+VAT and even the rare (only 300 made) Aviator is available for 725GBP (quoted at 1800GBP by some UK shops).

Second hand ECs can be obtained for under 60EUR. If obtaining second hand and particularly on auction web sites the warnings at
is worth reading.

The largest source of information on Minox cameras is at
with over 2Gb of online manuals, brouchures, articles and details on all Minox cameras and accessories.
Read the articles on Walter Zapp

Happy Minoxing

I want one!

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clzoomer- a bit woobly

Thank you all for that great information. smiley - ok

abcB- consider yourself timeless!

smiley - cheers

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