A Conversation for Australia - A Cultural Perspective

WOAH! *GRIN*....except....

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Petulant Abacus

I find this to be hilarious.
Perfectly hilarious.
Very, Very guide like.
No small resemblance to Terry Pratchett either!

Seriously loved it, and as a resident of Australia too!

However - there is a serious problem with the perception of Australia overseas.
I looked through the general Australia section - I suppose it doesn't help that even Australians use the stereotype for comedy purposes
But - well, I'm an Australian, and frankly, excluding the general state of things such as weather, i don't really see such a huge difference from when i lived in England.
I do, I mean, it's a different country and a different life, but except when it shows up in a joke, half of the features of the 'typical aussie' stereotype don't actually feature in my consciousness.
A note. No-one talks like Steve Irwin except for a very select number of people and Steve Irwin.
If one more American Tourist asks me a stupid question about Shrimps, BBQ's, Dingos', etc, i will scream.
I think that, aside from this hilarious and thoroughly guide like entry, another, more factual entry should be written, perhaps as a companion piece, to take into account the fact that we actually have some rather nice cities nowadays!

No offence, i really love this, particularly your subtle mockery of the British settlers (and their shockingly atrocious [yet sort of well meant - confusing I know] treatment of the indigenous Australians], I just think that people who don't live here need access to a report about Australia that explains that it isn't just one big rural area.

Don't look at me!
Fine. Guess it's my fault for suggesting it.
Anyone who can offer help is welcome - a collaborative effort maybe?

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WOAH! *GRIN*....except....

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