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Alcohol Policy

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Aboriginals 2007.

I just saw and heard at BBC – world news that the prime minister of Australia had taken the initiative to interfere in the situation of the Aboriginals, as far as widespread alcoholism by young and old and sexual abuse often as a result.

Watching it, I thought the old and bold man finally discovered that the world community is more than white middle class conservative Christians.

The situation is indeed alarming, as it also is at some other places on the globe concerning indigenous, native peoples; Kalahari in Southern Africa, some locations of American Indians in the USA, etc.

It is absolutely clear that their health and position in society is related to discrimination and disdain by the majority of the former settlers and squatters (Australia). England once dumped it’s criminals in Australia and The Netherlands is the last country in the world that stopped slavery.

The mix of disdain, territorial frustrations, great differences with the dominant inhabitants, differences in diseases, no integration in the job market, etc. created very low self-esteem, apathy and addiction and violence/criminality.

This is not soft flower power talk, this is trying to use our brains and memories and refusing to push these aside with cheap answers/excuses.

Of course they’re just as strong, wise, stupid and criminal and caring as all the other creatures on this globe.

So I was surprised in a pleasant way to hear that the federal government of Australia is planning to take action, although I hardly could imagine such a turning point by Mr. Howard, although he finally, suddenly agreed to welcome the Dalai Lama, despite pressure of China.
That’s a good thing after all.

First I heard him talking about the problems and what they are going to do.
No alcohol sales in home grounds of Aboriginals for six months and a few other rules related to alcohol and sexual abuse.

“Well”, I said to myself, “you’ve got to start somewhere although it’s naïve to believe it will help, but without any kind of repression nothing can be done in this world”.

“So, what’s the next thing” I said in my mind.
BBC-world news already went on with a different item.
“O.K. I’ll see at their news one hour later and at the internet” was my commitment to understand the full plan of integration and development.

End of story, complete silence.
It’s either completely unprofessional or plain stupid racism.

I fear I know the answer.

I want to invest in a culture that has the common self-respect from which it respects others equally.
It is already difficult enough.
With good intention it will take at least two generations.

I feel ashamed


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Alcohol Policy

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