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Fighting fantasy where not the first books of this type. I remember having a couple of books as a kid that worked in a similar way. I can't remember what they where called but one was based around a football match e.g. to run left turn to page 52, to shoot page 6 etc.

Also wasn't there a biplane game based around a similar concept?


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Siletta Weaver, Keeper of exsessively long titles, Eclectic Mystic, Cynic, etc..

I seem to recall that the first were called "Choose your own adventures". However they didn't include characters and die rolls, which was what made the fighting fantasy series much superior.

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Mat Lindsay (the researcher formerly known as Nylarthotep...now he has a name, all he needs is a face)

"Choose your own adventure" was a US series, if I remember correctly. And yes it was elasticated pants and in terms of both the plots and the interactive element. The problem that you faced as a kid under the age of twelve was the fact that the school library stocked them by the ton over Fighting Fantasy because they were very light on the violence...PC thuggery if I ever came across it!

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