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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

Of course. By the time we're ready to give up Star Tarts, we'll be working on the Exploding Steaks Initiative. smiley - biggrin

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Steve K.

No, no ... cattle are used as bombs, not mines. Dave Barry again, on a true story about airborn rustlers who were being pursued over the ocean by government planes. The rustlers opted for ditching the evidence, so they began pushing the cattle out of the plane. One of the cows fell through a fishing boat, causing considerable damage. This was followed, according to Dave, by a VERY serious meeting with the boat's insurance company.

So it looks like incendiary devices must be breakfast pastries. Although I would suggest hot (not necessarily glowing) welding rods as igniters.

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unremarkable: Lurker, OMFC, LPAS

Yes yes, cows for victory. I would think that you have rather an excess of cattle at this time in britain? Does this then mean that you currently have a plan of arms buildup?

We all know the "steaks initiative" is years out, and we're not even sure if the technology exists. however, the tarts; that is a proven, battle tested technology, and is a wee bit cheaper than the complex steak weaponry.

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Also, on any vehicle with a vertical exhaust stack (like many large trucks), you can drop the package down the stack, idle 2-3 minutes and then gun the engine. The Pop-Tart package will shoot out (you should wear gloves or an oven mitt to catch it) ready to eat.

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