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Cliff Hanger

Dear h2g2-ers,
This is my first soiree into chat-room type activities on the web. I was advised by an h2g2-er to post my request on an askh2g2 page and hope for the best. So, here's hoping.
I am an actor working at a theatre in Essex. We are creating a play about the Hornchurch Airfield during the war. We want to include stories about the lives of the pilots and the WAAFS which will be related as stories during the action of the play.
I am looking for reminiscences by WAAFS about the emotional strains of wartime with particular reference to the affections and attachments to pilots and servicemen who were likely to be "there one day and gone the next".
Also, and probably more importantly, I need a story from a pilot's point of view about some kind of 'illegal' activity or black market activity in which a pilot, or pilots, took part. The story should last between one and two minutes and can be either funny or sad.
Please don't be shy - your identity will be strictly confidential, unless you wish it otherwise.
Cliff Hanger.

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You can call me TC

You've come to the right place for some good answers. I wish you success with your project.

You should go to Askh2g2 A148907 and put your question there. Make the question very explicit, as there are dozens of threads in that forum.

I hope you have had a proper official welcome by an ACE. It's odd you should come here at this time, just as things have changed for all of us regulars.

Personally, I can't help you with stories, I'm afraid, my father is writing his memoires and that will no doubt be very interesting, but he was in the Indian Ocean in the war, and in the Navy and traditionally has a very low opinion of the RAF.

Do enjoy yourself on H2G2 - I can assure you it is addictive.

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Cliff Hanger

Dear Trillian's Child
Thanx for your reply. I shall proceed as you advise.

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