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Traditionally an Irish dish of mashed potato with cabbage stirred into it.
Take a volume of hot mashed potato made with butter, cream and plenty of ground white pepper. Stir fry a similar volume of some thinly sliced cabbage (green is best), greens or kale, in butter, until taking on a little colour. Stir the mashed potato into it ensuring that all the caramelised juices in the pan are incorporated.
It is also good with fried chopped spring onions.
For those who are fond of pork and apple sausages a version made with leeks rather than cabbage is particularly good, this is also our preferred accompaniment to Kassler style pork chops with a grain mustard sauce.
In a similar vein I understand that, in Eastern Europe, a favourite accompaniment for Goulash is mashed potato with chopped raw onion stirred into it.

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