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Potato Bake

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This is a good one to do smiley - smiley I'm no good at quantities though - I'm more of a "bung in the amount that looks right" cook.


Potatoes (Sliced)
Grated Cheese
Mushrooms (sliced)
Onion (finely chopped)
Garlic (finely chopped)
Olive Oil

This is a nice easy recipe - get a big baking pan (I use a big oval one, which is about 4-5 inches deep) and put a layer of potatoes accross the bottom. Next put a layer of mushrooms, and sprinkle some of the grated onion and garlic evenly accross the top. Now put a thin layer of cheese. Sprinkle a small amount of milk and olive oil over the surfice. Next you put another layer of potatoes, then of the musrooms etc untill the pan is nearly full.

Keep the top layer as potato, and sprinkle a good layer of cheese over the top.

Now put in the oven until it's cooked (I do 40 mins at gass mark 8, but obviously the time will depend on how much you're cooking). You can tell if it's cooked by stabbing the middle with a skewer.

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Potato Bake

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