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Wasted talent

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Unfortunately for me, I think I'm a very talented writer who never achieved their potential. For some reason I got side-tracked by the day to day humdrum of life and ended up being a father with three kids and working as a unix sysadmin for a living (dull groan). The closest I ever came to getting my masterworks published was a few fantasy-filled months spent stoned and typing in my bedroom when I was young...

I wonder how many similar talents the world has seen slip quietly past, lost amongst the chaos of modern life? I think that if only I'd applied myself when I had the chance then maybe I would have been rich and famous. My days would be filled with money, models (women, not airfix kits) and exciting new adventures to embark upon instead of being permanently broke and having another failed disk array to sort out to earn my corn (which is used for buying practical accessories such as nappies, not fast cars)!

I could have been somebody - or maybe this belief was all just due to what I was smoking at the time? The bitter-sweet pain of dreaming...

Wasted talent

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Afrabian the scribe

Go on then I'll listen! Been into all this too had more rejections than Blair has recently. But....not to worry. Writing isn't ALL to do with money, er is it? Surely it's about your wish to see your words, ideas and indeed hopes laid bare for all to see and to mull over. Remember the line that says on h2g2 "there are people who are discussing this entry" and then you see the date like 2 years back! Ugh! So I'll tempt providence and ask brightly "so what is you book about"? Now if it's Sci Fi count me out, that is unless you have a real tale to tell like Alan Alford for instance. Anythin to do with the garden I get lumbago. A novel of sex and debauchery, well thats not new. To Kill a President are now would be interesting specially Michael Palin style as in A fish called Wanda! Anyway give it a go you've got nothin to lose and at least you might have found a like mind!

Wasted talent

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Any chance of seeing any of your stuff? You've aroused my curiousity ...

Wasted talent

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I've been told by so many people that I have a writing talent, that I let it get to my head for the last ten years and that's all I dreamed of. smiley - erm
As a newly converted cynic at the mere age of 26, I'm trying to find out what else I'm "good" at.
So far, I've got nothing.

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