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Wannabe writer :)

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Reading through this, I could very well have written the piece myself smiley - smiley

I too am a wannabe writer and have felt the love coming from the Don't call us we'll call you letters from a couple of Litrary agents smiley - biggrin

I am however undeterred (im probably mad but hey who cares smiley - smiley)

I have also in my search to be published come accross, unscupulous publishers who say oh yes fantatic, this will sell but please hand over 5k yeah like im that mad smiley - biggrin

I have however had my manuscript edited, and read by a dozen people (who were strangers and didn't know I had written it) say that it was moving but also pointed out a few flaws which I saw myself after they had pointed them out saw and quickly changed. I have very thick skin thankfullysmiley - biggrin and can take constructive critisism and knock back. One day I hope to see my books in print smiley - cool

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Wannabe writer :)

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