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I'm a latin student doing a research project and there are some things not included here that could be useful:

'Political Background':

Sulla continued persecuting Julius for his disobedience in the divorce incident until some friends of Caesar interceded and had him pardoned

Cornelia (who was Marius' daughter), bore Caesar a child, Julia

'Before Politics':

soon after he returned from being captured, his wife Cornelia died

'Civil War'

as I heard it, he stated 'the die is cast' after crossing the Rubicon, not in Ravenna, that being the 'point of no return', if you will. I don't know which version is more correct, however.

One section should probably be stated in more detail: After Pompey fled to Greece, Caesar had a breif war in Spain with Pompey's followers there, before pursuing Pompey. He defeated Pompey at the battle of Pharsala (not sure about the name), and Pompey fled again, to Egypt. Here the Pharoah had him executed to please Caesar, although Caesar was displeased when he arrived to find Pompey dead. During his stay of about nine months, he became involved in the Alexandrine War, and placed Cleopatra on the throne of Egypt.

'the end':

in 45 B.C. he defeated the last of Pompey's followers in Spain, and upon return was made dictator for life and the sole consul (instead of sharing the position with a second person). This elevation was the main cause of his assassination.

I'm not sure if there are any official ways to edit articles in the edited guide, but I needed something to occupy my time. smiley - winkeye

Stuff to be added?

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double-checked the name: Pharsala was a city in Thessaly, Greecesmiley - cheers

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