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The Indians on Alcatraz

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The National Park Service seems rather proud of the Indian occupation of Alcatraz. Visitors to Alcatraz can view a documentary about the occupation. The documentary neglects to mention the "professional protesters", or anything else that might give the impression that a bunch of much-abused noble savages had some "help" from whites during the occupation.* At least one Indian occupant of the island has been invited back to sign books in the bookstore. The Park Service has even preserved some original graffiti.

*Footnote: The documentary *did* mention that a bunch of white folks with yachts ferried the Indians over from a place called "The No-Name Bar" in Sausalito.

The Indians on Alcatraz

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Jeremy (trying to find his way back to dinner)

I had the same impression when I was there: The Indian occupation is not regarded as one of the bad times of Alcatraz by the Park Rangers.

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