A Conversation for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


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I wonder if it would be possible to amend the paragraph on 'altitude' ? I rewrote this section shortly after the article was recommended, as I felt the original draft was a little misleading. It is only the third sentence which really needs changing.

>The effects of altitude are well documented. Lack of air pressure causes tiredness and breathing difficulties. *** Reduced amounts of oxygen in the blood starve the brain, causing headaches, nausea and -in extreme circumstances - death. *** To minimize the risk...

Also, I included some extra information about the best time of year to go (between the 'Booking' and 'Necessary Equipment' sections):

When To Go

The greatest number of tourists visit Kilimanjaro during the dry season, in July and August. At this time, tropical rainfall is scarce and the temperature is tolerable by equitorial standards. If you wish to avoid the crowds, June and September are also ideal.

Sorry for any inconvenience. I should have been quicker off the mark responding to the Peer Review thread!

Many thanks.

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What an excellent article... one of the best I've read on h2g2 smiley - biggrin
It's just what we need on h2g2; factual and practical information about a real place and what to do there, written by somebody who's actually been there (assuming you've climbed the mountain, I get the impression you have).

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I concur. Very good stuff indeed. Please can I go?

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Are you really sure you want to ? smiley - winkeye


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LL Waz

I can't believe this was on today's list of five most neglected entries. I thought it was excellent - lots of good advice. Not that I've got even close to climbing Kilimanjaro, I'd have been satisfied just to have seen it on the horizon again on my holiday in Tanzania. (All too long ago.) But I know someone who tried and failed and someone who tried and succeeded. Either way a trip never to be forgotten.

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