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Smell Season?

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Right, we can understand that there are season, and if we want more there are resources, but is it just the fact that we can tell Summer is Summer because of the angle of rotation of the planet the the sun rlative the the distance of the circumnavigationnia..uummm, lost myself there.
What the big question is CAN THE SEASON SMELL? My theory later..........OK long enough, no as a season is a time and time cannot smell, but many disagree, come on, help me make up my mind!

Smell Season?

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Bright Blue Shorts

Isn't it just that the seasons have an effect on nature and its cycles? E.g. flowers sprout in spring, bloom in summer, die in autumn, don't exist in winter (to simplify matters).

Each of these stages of growth has different smells connected with it thereby creating a smell for each season. The overall smell of course is a combination of many different individual ones e.g. summer contains flowers blooming, freshly cut grass, ice-cream, sun tan cream, increased testosterone etc, etc.

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