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Airwolf - EASY?!

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Researcher 171267

I think the subject line says it all, really..

Did the person who wrote the description of the Airwolf game for the Speccy (Sinclair ZX Spectrum, for those not in the know)? It was BLUMMIN' HARD!

If anyone wishes to remember it, might I suggest a few sites where they can play the game.

You'll need an emulator for your computer. There's lots to choose from. Have a look at the FAQ for the complete list (http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~pak21/cssfaq/index.html).

You can download the game from World of Spectrum (http://www.void.jump.org).

If you find that I'm actually right, and that the game is harder than
Ricky Hard the Hardman of Hardonia, then you can get some cheats from my WWW page (http://fly.to/ha3)

This isn't a gratuitous plug for assorted Web pages, incidentally. I merely want to prevent people from thinking back on Airwolf as an easy game smiley - smiley

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Airwolf - EASY?!

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Fat Freddie

I must admit, when I read that line, I immediately thought the same. It was an exceptionally tough game, and a couple of hours of gameplay saw me only on the 3rd or 4th screen. Then I gave up.

Airwolf - EASY?!

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Bright Blue Shorts


BBS smiley - smiley

Airwolf - EASY?!

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Bright Blue Shorts

I reckon Airwolf was pretty easy by comparison to ....
Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy, Pyjamara, 3D Ant Attack, Knight Lore.

Those are games I spent months playing.

As for Airwolf I reckon it only took a couple of weeks (if that). My memory on it is pretty vague, so it can't have been that difficult smiley - smiley

Airwolf - EASY?!

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Researcher 170550

Yeah, I remember I gave up on Airwolf when there just didn't seem to be any way at all off the first screen, and because it wasn't much fun to play. Unlike Jet Set Willy or whatever, none of the screens were very interesting and yes the helicopter looked feeble. It's as if they were doing a game about something else, saw the Airwolf licence up for sale and just splatted it all over the packaging with minimal alterations to the game they had.

Incidentally, I've found out subsequently that Jet Set Willy was actually impossible to complete unless you POKEd it because some object or another was in the wrong place, so, yeah, I guess Airwolf must have been fairly easy as you could get to the end of the game.

'Impossible Mission' on the Atari 2600 console was also actually impossible because of a missing object. I wish we'd all known these things at the time. You'd think a key part of playtesting is for someone to actually play the game all the way through.

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