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Why does astrology and the many other forms of foretelling the future continue to be so popular when they are all a total con ? The one most obvious major event in recent times has been the sudden and untimely death of Princess Dianna. Here is an example of an individual who's private life had been analysed, discussed and wrirren about. Every single fact about her, from the moment of her birth was known. Is anyone aware of any astrloger, or other soothsayer who actually predicted her death prior to the event ? So if the "future prediction industry" has proved to be so suspect, why does it continue to be so populsr ?


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Darren Dragon

Zohar, predicited her demiss, before it actually happened as well as many other "celeb deaths". Any search engine should point you to this webpage.


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Gareth Ford Williams

Astrology is not a form of fortune telling. It's a belief in the synchronistic relationship between the individual, space and time.
Its about understanding potential not about telling the future. Astrology does not equal Mystic Meg. Anyone who thinks this has never read a book on the subject.

This system goes back over 6 thousand years and has had many brilliant minds amongst its practitioners e.g. Pythagoras, Aristotle, Hippocrates, Ptolemy, Hipparchus, Plato, Copernicus, St Thomas Aquinas, St Augustine, and so on.

As such Astrology should be noted as a parent of modern astronomy, philosophy and great deal of basic mathematical theory.
A good example would be Carl Jung’s theory of Synchronicity.

Whether you believe in it or not, Astrology is due a lot of respect and should be understood first by anyone who thinks they have the right to judge it. Read some books. It helps to understand things better.

If you are thinking that a newspaper sun sign column is astrology and are basing any judgement on that, may I remind you that these were invented by wily Victorian publisher in order to sell more newspapers. They are a form of entertainment based on the most basic astrological principles.

Personally I am neither a practicioner nor a believer in Astrology, but I do think that no-one has the right to knock somthing they do not understand or believe in.

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