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Firstly, I was worried about the "A Tale of Two Twinkies" section.....or should I say intrigued!!!!

"How does he knows this? (and do i REALLY want to know??)" was the only thought running in my head. smiley - erm

But then Lo and Behold!! Fadookie came along with the twinkie project page.....phew!! (in a strange sort of releif-way....but still slightly disturbing).

I just sit here thanking myself that we here in the land Down Under have not yet been attacked by this vicious pastry imitating rogue!!!

You poor thing. Is your stomach alright after the ones you sampled from the States?

Shrillian smiley - smiley


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Barely smiley - ill


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smiley - laugh

poor thing...... smiley - cheerup

The real question is, how many did you eat? smiley - winkeye

Are they as bad as they are made? (did that make sense? You know what i mean smiley - erm)

But then again, this is on the presumption that we have the same tastes! In that case....you have to do the aussie test....do you like vegemite?

We can judge you from that (not really, but hey)


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I love Vegemite, marmite etc, the only thing I will not eat is egg - it's ike eating life itself *shudder*

Twinkies are odd things they are cakey but chemical, damp yet taste dry and horribly anodyne yet terribly addictive...

To write this entry, we had to get a box sent over... how it got through customs I'll never know. smiley - smiley


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Actually, that's a very interesting point!! To have something that horrible and vile go through customs is amazing! You would think they would have confiscated them as a supposed terrorist threat! smiley - winkeye

The man likes Vegemite...you've just been placed twenty points higher on the Aussie 'mate' rating scale. smiley - biggrin

Your aversion towards eggs are my sentiments towards capsicum. Evil things those... smiley - ill

I have to say, I'm not much of an egg person myself. Not that I have any ill feelings towards them, but more just a 'non-passion' for them. (and since i'm not a breakfast person....makes it an extreme occasion when i do!)...

How about mushrooms? Do you like mushrooms? (aren't i strange at this time of night?? smiley - laugh ) - it's 12:11am here....on my way home to cry into my pillow - the uni computers lost 2x3000 word essays of mine...i now have to redo them!!! smiley - groan


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My partner is a vegetarian so mushrooms are always high up on the agenda. The way to eat them best is to dry fry them till the squeak, add loads of light soy sauce and ginger. Cook off the sauce until only a little is left and then serve on toast with hash browns...

Now I'm starting to get hungry...smiley - erm

Where are you in Aus and what are you studying? I only had to produce typed documents in my final year - which was a bit cruel considering we had no training on computers...


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mmmmm......sounds delicious! I'm going to have to try that.....(I'm addicted to mushrooms - vegetarian myself)

You're lucky my mum left some dinner out for me....yummy...smiley - biggrin

I live in Sydney, and I am studying Communications, majoring in Film! I want to go into directing....my essays are meant to be typed up (they don't accept them otherwise)....and the computer at uni decided that my zip disk needed to be erased. And promptly did so without my consent. Now i have no assignments. The reason as to which why I am still awake at 2am!! smiley - sleepy

Aren't you glad you're not at uni anymore? No more all-nighters....at least i hope the BBC doesn't make you pull any! smiley - yikes

It would be about 5pm there, isn't it? I guess it also depends where in the UK you are...how old are you (if you don't mind me asking)? ...I'm 23...I changed degrees quite a bit, which is why I'm still only in second year! smiley - winkeye


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I'm 29 this year and attended a very traditional University. Also, my course (French, Spanish and Latin American Politics) meant that most of my time was spent learning the language rather han typing it!

It's 5:15pm here and I'm now off for a leisurely dinner at the British Museum.

Speak tomorrow and I hope your essays come along. (I studied communications at A level and can sympathise to a small extent..)

Good luck

smiley - rose


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Thank you! smiley - smiley

Hope you have a lovely dinner, and I shall talk to you tomorrow!! (being the h2g2 addict I am) smiley - biggrin

Au revoir!

Bon nuit! (i'm off to sleep...research done, essay typing tomorrow!!)

Shrillian smiley - smiley

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