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Dr. Funk

Lara Flynn Boyle's career hasn't exactly stalled--she's a regular on a popular drama called "The Practice," and has been in quite a few movies.

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True, but she has done relatively little that compares to Twin Peaks (or at least seems to do her potential justice).

And no, I haven't seen The Practice. smiley - winkeye

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Dr. Funk

That's true--but it's unfair to measure your average TV show or movie against such a thing as Twin Peaks. Twin Peaks, at least to me, is the best thing I have ever seen on television. The second season is a bit uneven, but that first season, ending with the resolution of the "who killed Laura Palmer" plotline, is what, 14-16 hours of solid, awesome, entertainment--and is the best I've ever seen those actors perform. Every few years, I rent that first season over again and watch two episodes a night for about a week. It's bliss.

Anyway, this is a great entry, doing a great show justice.

I love you, Sheriff Truman,
Dr. F.

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