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Opinions anyone? Personally I hated it, they unecessarily changed so much, completely taking out all reference to the gods which played such an important part in the story. Despite this I'll admit that the visual effects and battle scenes were well done. Anyone agree?


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I liked it aside from one large flub they made in the storyline. Paris kidnaps Helen and takes her to Troy. Her husband gives chase and lays siege to the city for 10 yrs. Yet in the movie Hector (the brother of Paris) has a son who is a baby at the start of the movie, and whom is still a baby at the end. They could have used a subtitle to indicate 10 yrs had passed, and had a 10 yr old actor play Hector's son to show time had passed but they didn't. Homer said the war lasted 10 yrs, but hollywood cut it down to about a week or so.


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I'll give ya that one. But I don't think they could've left the Gods in; they were trying to portray it as something that may have actually happened (which it may have), and there's NO WAY you can make the Greek Gods seem believable now.

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