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Martin Harper

Nitpicks follow - don't take them the wrong way, I'm a good guy really! smiley - smiley I'm not sure how much is a result of your input, and how much is the result of the takeover - so there's a 'shoot the messenger' possibility here - apologies if so.

The name of the program: it's not called the "F**k without..." program, it's called the "F**k without..." program. This is not an attempt to be Unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, racially offensive, or otherwise objectionable (can you tell I just read the ToC?) - it's a statement of fact.

Similarly for the 'Dice living is a load of s**t' quote - if you randomly star out words, they're no longer quotes. S**t is a natural byproduct of the digestive system... if it's absolutely impossible to use the word 's**t' on h2g2, you could at least drop the pretense that its a quote - just say that he compares it to excrement, or whatever. But please don't put words in other people's mouths...

Mailing address - it seems to imply that his name is "Luke Hill" - whereas it's actually the name of the road... more relevantly, the new ToC mean that this needs to be vaped - I asked and got permission to publish his address, but this doesn't appear to make any diff.

Aside from those queries - great stuff - you've fixed a few bits I was dubious about myself, and generally tidied it up. Thanks a lot! smiley - biggrin

Thanks for the edit!

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Martin Harper

Well, I've had the clarification from elsewhere - swear words are forbidden, as are any form of addresses (except for companies).

I'd like to repeat my request for the quotes that aren't quotes any more to be vaped - it's not ideal, but if swearing is disallowed, it makes the most sense.

Thanks for the edit!

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Martin Harper

And yet more clarification (from Peta) at http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/F63273?thread=100499 Seems swear words are allowed if they're 'editorially justifiable'. I'd argue that the two uses here are editorially justifiable, being direct quotes. I'll take it up with Peta, I guess...

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