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Allegedly, "Kilroy was here" is a code which was used by political activists to express their discontent with the political status quo.
It was directed against the establishment, which makes sense since "roy" means "king" in French. It was used during the sixties all over Europe, but it's well possible that the phrase is much older, having been used ever since the rise of leftist ideologies.
It's quite possible that for some GIs the phrase carried a deeper meaning similar to this, since WW II represented much more a fight against the old system which in the view of many Americans had produced the rise of Nazism in the first place.
This sucks. We should lobby for a Kilroy-smiley. And send it on to good ol' W.

Another Possible Origin

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Roy is not French for King, although it certainly could be something for King somewhere (see the word Royal for instance). The word is 'Roi'.

Sorry to be nitpicky, I'll go back to my hole now

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Another Possible Origin

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