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Spelling mistakes

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Pete, never to have a time-specific nick again (Keeper of Disambiguating Semicolons) - Born in the Year of the Lab Rat

This is a good article (especially on the phantom stairs!). However, I spotted a couple of spelling errors:

Discreet: discrete
Calved: carved

Spelling mistakes

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Cheers smiley - smiley

Grammatical nasties

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1st para "This kind of stair..." should read "Stairs..." (what kind of stair?)

3rd para "There are many types of staircases" should read "...types of staircase"

5th para for "medieval" perhaps read "mediaeval" (Brit.Eng. but old-fashioned)

9th para "Usually climbing..." should read "Usually, climbing..."

10th para number confusion " - the inclined staircase. Frequently... these..."

12th para number confusion "Phantom stairs occur... and manifests itself" (similarly a "person... they" but "they" seems allowable for "she or he" these days). Conscious *of* the fact. Tense confusion "becomes conscious.... direction they were travelling".

Hope this helps


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