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2001: A Space Aardvarksey

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Blue-Eyed BiPedal BookWorm from Betelgeuse (aka B4[insertpunhere])

Thank you so much, Pillowcase!

The article was delightful. Your descriptions were cogent and gave me a real sense of what this animal is and is capable of doing. I appreciate your modicum of humor interjected to keep the pace of your prose moving along. I could only wish for you to attach a stock photo of this marvelous creature.

My on again/off again relationship with aardvarks dates back to my high school years and a friend named Myc'l (nee Michael) Sanborn. High was the 'cerebral' one in our bunch and was a bit of an artist. He parodied quite a number of 'human' situations using aardvarks in the starring roles. In particular, I remember the send-up he did of the movie 2001. The rings of the space station were aardvarks linked together nose-to-tail and the shuttle was an aardvark stylized with airfoil wings and its 'ears' swept back. The funniest bit Myc'l did was to jam an aardvark into a spacesuit which, unfortunately, resulted in its snout being 'mushed' and wrinkled against the faceplate. If my long-lost compadre ever visits this site, I could only hope he finds your article and unearths his artwork (or does a fresh batch) and shares it with you.

Aalways glad to see such aamazing aarticles,
B3fB2smiley - aliensmile

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