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Salamander the Mugwump

Wow, Santragenius V - this recipe is not for the uninitiated. It sounds like the piece de resistance that you attempt only when you've completed the whole course. I bet it's absolutely delicious though and well worth all the time and effort (especially if someone else has put in all the time and effort and you just have to eat the bread).

Sal smiley - smiley

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Santragenius V

Thanks -- and it actually isn't too hard...

BTW, thanks for letting me know you'd been there. I hadn't -- since I sat there last night, jumping up and down with bubbly joy from being on the frontpage and all.

And then - somewhere between me and the Towers, somebody had tied a knot on the cable or whatever it is they do to stop bytes from flowing through. I couldn't get to a thing smiley - sadface

But now I can -- I've clicked the link, the sun's shining and I'm once again a happy young man...


*my wife just might contradict the "young" thing - but never mind...*

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Could you explaine a bit more about the "hvidtøl"?
I need to find an eqivalent in Norway.

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Santragenius V

"Hvidtøl" is a rather week beer -- Alc 1.7% by vol according to the lable on those standing in my cupboard just now waiting to be thrown into a new batch sometime nearer the weekend. It's very dark and rather sweet (I think -- I certainly don't drink it!). Traditionally, in DK at least, especially used around Christmas time.

I wouldn't worry too much about getting exactly the right thing -- anything dark and sweet-ish will probably do fine. I guess it's the malt and whatever sweetness is there that are most important for the taste -- all the rest is simply a source of 1 l of liquid... smiley - smiley

Good luck and have fun!


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You are so right about the bread and of course the Danish licorice. I miss it. I have not been living in Denmark for six years now and it is true that in most places you cannot get the real rye bread. Also, I have never understood why other people seems to find the strong salty licorice terrible. But it is nice to find out that I am not the only person who have experienced these things. Thankyou for the entry.

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Santragenius V

Oh, you're mostly welcome smiley - smiley

Have a virtual slice or two' if you like... And there's Gammel Dansk also somewhere off my space smiley - drunksmiley - tongueout

Maybe I should complete this Danish trilogy with a part on licorice...?

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