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Why is the fat regained over and over again

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Brains developed on Earth. Brains react to things. So when your fat level rises above 33% your body thinks you are a bear. Seriously.

Now, what does a bear do every single year when the stress of winter approaches? He fills every fat cell in his body, and he makes one new one. Then he hibernates for months.

People don't hibernate, but we do get stressed out. The brain reacts to the stress as if it is winter, no matter when it is. They lose weight, only to get stressed out. Then they gain it all back again, plus a few pounds. Then you relax. It's an amazing feeling. And then you realize you just gained back 104 pounds, and 3 more on top of that. It's dishearteing.


And as far as your bear brain is concerned, you REALLY ARE GOING TO DIE. You can't tell your doctor that you're going to die if you don't eat the candy. It's ridiculous. But the body is seeking to put on the weight as quickly and efficiently as possible. Candy is perfect.

Your brain is wrong about being a bear. We know this. And we might be able to change our body into a different kind of animal. One that doesn't gain weight seasonally when under stress.

Think bird. Clean something, it's called nesting. Then sing a song. Take a trip. Eat 17 small meals a day. Drink lots of water.

No matter what, build muscle, which makes your body metabolize everything you eat faster. Your body is a more efficient machine when the muscle and fat are in the right proportions.

Nice article.

Still, Pika

Why is the fat regained over and over again

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Just zis Guy, you know? † Cyclist [A690572] :: At the 51st centile of ursine intelligence

I disagree - I live a very stressful life and I haven't gained the fat back because I make exercise part of my daily routine (by cycling to work) and I don't overeat. I have lost the urge to eat chocolate hob-nobs!

Why is the fat regained over and over again

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That's exactly what I said. You are a different animal now. Your brain believes it. Birds burn huge amounts of calories.

Quit cycling to work and see what the stress does. Your brain will not read you the same way.

I could be wrong.

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