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The dangers from Large Goods Vehicles [LGVs]

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All cyclists need to be aware of:
The dangers from Large Goods Vehicles [LGVs], that result from blindspots and cyclists' behaviour.

There is a video titled variously '44 tonne articulated trucks and towns don't mix' or 'Lorries and Towns Don't Mix'.
Watching this video could save your life! I found out the easy way. It seems that too many, if not most find-out the hard way and with an HGV there is no second chance.
This film was made by Robin Webb because his daughter was killed in just this way!

Please note, these lorries aren't necessarily 44 tonners. But they are more than capable of killing a cyclist.

A quote from an experienced Traffic Police Officer in the film [paraphrased]:
“..,Accidents between lorries and cyclists are always very similar. They almost invariably involve a lorry turning left, that hasn't seen a cyclist on their near-side. The lorry will have moved-out to allow himself room to make the turn, which creates an inviting lane for the cyclist – the advice to cyclists is don't go there... There are several mirrors but the area near the cab is very hard if not impossible to see into.., There will be a gentle impact at first with the side of the lorry, just enough to knock the cyclist onto the ground. Once on the ground, the cyclist will be too close to the ground to be caught by the side protection bars...,”



For those who are unaware of the article or the film, please read the article and watch the the film – NOW! It just might save your life!

Please tell every cyclist you know about this! You might save theirs!
BTW: With so many continental lorries on UK roads nowadays, it's important to remember that with continental lorries, the blind spots are reversed. How obvious you say, yes I know, but if stating the bleeding obvious saves someone from death or being mangled, then I'll say it.

The dangers from Large Goods Vehicles [LGVs]

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It also happens when busses turn left, and they are lower to the ground. I drive buses in the middle of cambridge, and the number of times a cyclist has attempted to go down the inside of my bus while i am indicating left is staggering. The trouble is that we are dealing with a group of road users who genuinely believe that no road traffic laws apply to them. They go through red lights, turn without indicating, come straight out of side roads without even looking, cycle accross pedestrian crossings....etc. On that last point, there is only one type of crossing a cyclist is allowed to use and that is a toucan. It has a button for cyclists and a red and green bycyle. Red means stop by the way. What we need to do is educate cyclists on all aspects of road safety and explain to them that the laws that govern the rest of us also apply to them.

The dangers from Large Goods Vehicles [LGVs]

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Well said. Having recently visited my son in Cambridge and cycled into the City Centre I was horrified by some of the antics many cyclists got up to. They don't seem to recognise the danger they place themselves in. Unfortunately in my experience they do tend to be the younger generation cyclists. What the answer is I don't know - a compulsory cycling test with a requirement to carry a disc displaying the ability to ride on roads?! Anyone any ideas?

The dangers from Large Goods Vehicles [LGVs]

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Richard Holmes

"Anyone any ideas?"

Yes. If you want cyclists to follow the rules, make the rules possible to follow. Reduce the number of cars and especially lorries on the roads, by moving freight onto the railways. Allow cycles to be carried on trains properly again by bringing back guard's vans on trains. Create a proper network for cyclists to use so that can actually get from A to B without risking their lives.

The dangers from Large Goods Vehicles [LGVs]

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And the exact same goes for car drivers. Such as the law that states cars must give vunerable road users, including cyclists, the same amount of space as a car, or not parking in cycle lanes. I know lots of cyclists run red lights and take stupid risks but the exact same goes for car drivers the only difference is a cyclist tends to be putting their own life at risk. A car driver is controlling a weapon and results in the death/injury of the cyclist or pedestrian while they stay safe inside there big metal bubble.

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