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cafram - in the states.

Minidiscs not of sufficient quality?! *gasp* It's near enough to cd quality and so so so much more durable!! The 'naked' ear can't tell the difference and it's SO much more convenient than cd's or tapes! Granted, it is a tad more expensive, but it's BETTER!!

That's my argument, don't mess with it smiley - tongueout!!


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As far as ears are concerned there is naked...and then there is naked!! I suspect that decent equipment can do wonders with minidiscs, but I've only accepted CD's for the last three or four years, so if they are not, in your admission, not quite as good as CD's, I am not sure I will grow to love them. I think this may be a case of each to their own, and I will leave you in peace with yours! Thanks anyway for reading the entry.


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cafram - in the states.

There's a great site - search for T Station - there's a LOT of info. I honestly can't hear the difference between cd's and md's, but some people may be able to - they're so much more convenient and sturdy than other forms of music!

Anyhoo - I'll stop trying to convert you now...but do check out the site - it is good smiley - smiley

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