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After finding a drum kit in a junk-yard, Carl Puttnam on vocals, Steve Goodwin on drums, Mike Dunphy on guitar and William Potter on bass, formed the band Cud in the English city of Leeds in 1987. Within two years, their quirky humour and complete disregard for self-respect had attracted a large cult following in Leeds, Sheffield, Doncaster and other northern England bastions of style and taste.

Early Critical Acclaim

In late 1987 they released their first single, 'Mind the Gap', on Reception Records (owned by Wedding Present front-man, David Gedge) to critical acclaim. In February of 1988, British DJ John Peel invited the band to record a session for his radio show. A move to the Imaginary label enabled the band to blossom, creating their own groovy mix of kitsch and noise - the singles 'Hey!Wire' and 'Only (A Prawn in Whitby)' embodied this style, and proved firm favourites with the audience.

The band's first album When in Rome, Kill Me was released on Imaginary in 1989, and received favourable reviews from the music press. Subsequent singles released on Imaginary were also well received by the music establishment. It has subsequently been mooted that Cud would have achieved mainstream success if Imaginary had been able to afford to splash out on publicity in the early days.

Chart Success

Eventually, with the band members feeling they were destined for bigger and better things, Cud signed with A&M in 1991, leaving Imaginary to disappear into insolvency. The greater spending power at A&M enabled Cud to make their first foray into the charts with the singles 'Rich & Strange', 'Purple Love Balloon' and 'Neurotica'. All three made it into the British Top 40 charts.

This initial success wasn't to be maintained however, and their 1994 album Showbiz was poorly received. During work on what would have been their sixth album, A&M dropped them, due to a 'problem with attitude'.

'Artistic Differences'

This signalled the end for Cud, and William Potter left1, shortly before the band break-up due to artistic differences between Potter and Mike Dunphy2.

For the remainder of Cud's existence, the bassist was Mick Dale, who has since enjoyed success with the band Embrace.

Cud Discography


'Mind The Gap'Sep 1987UK Reception REC 007
'The Peel Sessions: Cud'Jun 1987UK Strange Fruit SFPS045
'Under My Hat'May 1988UK Ediesta CALC049
'Slack Time'Sep 1988UK Dug/Nightshift DUGNI 001T
'Lola'Apr 1989UK Imaginary MIRAGE007
'Only (A Prawn in Whitby)'May 1989UK Imaginary MIRAGE010 (08-024823-20)
'Hey!Wire'May 1990UK Imaginary MIRAGE018
'Robinson Crusoe'Sep 1990UK Imaginary MIRAGE021
'Backdoor Santa'3Dec 1990UK Sunflower FLX996
'Magic'Mar 1991UK Imaginary MIRAGE027
'Oh No Won't Do'Oct 1991UK A&M AMB 829
'Through the Roof'Mar 1992UK A&M AM 857
'Rich & Strange'May 1992UK A&M AM 871
'Purple Love Balloon'Aug 1992UK A&M AM 0024
'Once Again'Sep 1992UK A&M AM 0081
'Cud's Ode To Christmas Joy (Weirdy Beardy)'4Dec 1992UK A&M CUDXMAS
'Neurotica'Jan 1994UK A&M 580 516-7
'Sticks and Stones'Mar 1994UK A&M 580 546-7
'One Giant Love'Aug 1994UK A&M 580 729-1

Albums and EPs

When In Rome, Kill MeMay 1989UK Imaginary ILLUSION 500
Elvis Belt (Only You Can Take Me There)5Jun 1990UK Imaginary ILLUSION 013
Leggy MamboOct 1990UK Imaginary ILLUSION 021
The Cud Band EPOct 1991US A&M 75021 5380 1
AsquariusJun 1992UK A&M 395 390 1
ShowbizApr 1994UK A&M 540 211 1
1The rest of the band say he was kicked out.2If you count Dunphy saying that all of Potter's songs were 's**t' to be 'artistic differences'.3Free Flexi-disc available only at the Cud Christmas Ball.4Limited Edition Flexi-disc for Fan Club.5Compilation of Singles, B-Sides, Remixes, etc.

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