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I am convinced Joe Di Maggio killed JFK, RFK and everyone else that died who had slept with Marylin Monroe

Where was HE when Kennedy was shot anyway?

Joe Di Maggio; sociopathic criminal genius


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My favorite is the Red Dwarf idea that it was infact JFK that shot JFK...


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i am a firm believer of the magic bullet theory. so there.


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The History Channel has a very compelling theory on this that usually airs on the aniversary of JFK's assassination and can be ordered from their website Titled, "The Men Who Killed Kennedy"

Read this summary:

I'm trying to find a copy of "The Guilty Men" episode that the History Channel was ordered to pull but once sold from their online store. If you find a copy let me know.


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I found that rare History Channel funded investigation and show on the assassination of John F. Kennedy which was banned for fear of lawsuits. It is broken up into 5 separate 10 minute segments available on YouTube.com and I supply the links below:

"The Men Who Killed Kennedy - The Guilty Men" - (First 10 Minutes)

(Second 10 Minutes)

(Third 10 Minutes)

(Fourth 10 Minutes)

(Fifth and Final 10 Minutes)

If after watching this show you still think all "Conspiracy Theories" and theorist are crazy, then it proves that conspiracy theorist are not the only people unwilling to let go of a lost cause, but that so are those stubburnly blind anti-conspiracy theorist who cowardly won't accept they are wrong from time to time because it topples their tidy house of cards. This is your wake up call. Neither side is always right or always wrong. Those who insist on an all or nothing view on any matter are blinded by their extremism and close-mindedness. I remind you, "Even a broken clock is right twice a day.".


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I think the real question is not about who pulled the trigger. There are eye witness accounts of several shot-locations. The real strange thing about this incident is what we do know but dont discuss.

There is clear video evidence of agents being "called away" from JFK's car at the last minute, which made for a much easier target for whoever shot him. If you want proof of government involvement that would be it.
Who laid the final blow doesn't matter. Blame the mobster not the hitman.


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I am a firm believer that it was the power elites who killed JFK with the help of the CIA. Lee Harvey Oswald was nothing more than a patsy who was set up and used and then killed by Jack Ruby another fall guy who was dying anyways , before he could spill his guts to the authorities.JFK made some power elites very angry when he made the decision to have the treasury department once again be in control of issuing the US currency and backing it by silver. This decision did not go over very well with the controllers of The Federal Reserve who stood to lose a great deal of money by this decision not to mention it threw a huge wrench in their plans to financially control every aspect of US domestic and foreign policy by controlling the flow of money and interest rates on it. The Rothschilds ( who have controlling interest in the Fed, and also own the Bank Of England , along with the Central Banks Of Europe) were already responsible for the assassination (or attempted) of several past presidents who tried to boot out the Fed and print their own money. Most notably was Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson. Look at the financial situation of the US now, it is so far in debt it will take generations to recover but mark my words that will never come to be because the power elites want a one world government and have been working very hard for 60 plus years to accomplish this task. First the European Union and now that the US is going into a depression worse than they could ever imagine it will be a necessity to join and have the North American Union ( the merger of Canada,Mexico ,and the US) for their mere survival. Next you have the African Union and the Asian Union and when the time is right merge them all together with a single currency controlled by????? you guessed it the Rothschilds and power elite banksters. This is their goal right from the start so Kennedy had to go. As for the CI A's involvement ...well JFK made it no secret how corrupt the CIA had become and he publicly vowed to disband the CIA and in his words "scatter them all to hell". I would say that would be enough reason for their involvement and for them wanting him killed. And yes their were several shooters that day in Dealey plaza. They were taking no chances on not hitting their target and the CIA limo driver made damn sure they had an easy target when he damn near brought the limo to a dead stop to make sure the fellow behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll had a clear head shot ! Do your research don't take my word for it but i can assure you The Assassination of JFK is no longer a mystery.And the proof of my words is whats in store for the future of the unions and global currency and they are already publicly promoting this in governments.The power elite behind the curtain control global policy not Presidents, they just do the bidding of the power elite and JFK went against their wishes, something you just don't do unless you wish to wind up dead for disrupting their agenda.


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I agree that the C.I.A probably was the power behind the assassination of JFK, though the actual assassins were likely Mafia hires -- since it was the practice at that time that for political, domestic "contract killings," U.S. citizens would not be hired.

Kennedy's intent on disbanding the C.I.A. had become public following the Bay of Pigs debacle -- a hairbrained invasion that had no hope of success. Kennedy would have done better to swallow his anger and embarrassment. If he had done that, he may have finished a second term in office.

There are still many who believe Lee Oswald acted alone; but in view of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, only a simpleton could accept that conclusion.



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If you watch the video a thousand times, really closely in slow-motion, you'll see that it was the driver who turns, shoots over his right shoulder with his left hand, and as soon as he is done, turns around and speeds up. Check it out!!!!


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I am familiar with the odd movement of JFK's limousine driver. He does move around, as you state. Whether there is actually a gun in his hand, I cannot say. But on your advice, I'll check it out again by watching the Zapruder film in slow-mo.


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