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The Ultimate Conspiracy

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Sorry 2 tell u this

There is:
No God
No Santa
No Tooth Fairy
No Easter Bunny

Well put it this way the answer to the question is 42

The Ultimate Conspiracy

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Wow. That was funny. No one's ever heard that before. Very original. So much infact, I think my sides have split.

The Ultimate Conspiracy

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the ultimate conspiracy would be that ther is 1 person ruling the world and although we think we are making decisions on our own really they are being guided by one individual or several individuals say maybe president bush nd his cronies? but obviously this isnt true im just waffling smiley - smiley but imagine if it were true or we ae being constantly watched our every move being monitored scarey stuff or maybe the ultimate conspiracy theory is all down to religion some1 made it all up because really religon is just a business maybe the da vinci code has some sort of truth but instead of hiding the truth about jesus and mary magdaline but hiding the fact that religion is just a way of controlling the world???????????? the more i think about it the more my head hurts so wot is the ultimate conspiracy theory? GOD ONLY KNOWS!!!!!!!! smiley - biggrin hahahahah

The Ultimate Conspiracy

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smiley - star
About conspiracies, click this:

About Santa Claus, click this:
smiley - fullmoon

The Ultimate Conspiracy

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there is a god

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